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  • Molecular weight: 113.4
  • Boiling point: 61.15°C - 61.70°C.
  • Melting point: -63.2 - -63.5°C at atmospheric pressure.
  • Flash point: none.
  • Relative vapour density (air = 1): 4.1 - 4.36 kg/m at 101 kPa, 0°C.
  • Vapour pressure: 21.15 kPa at 20°C.
  • Solubility in water: 10.62g/kg at O°C; 8.95g/kg at 10°C; 8.22g/kg at 20°C
  • Specific gravity: 1.483 at 20°C

When Chloroform was first used in the 1800s', it was made from acetone and bleaching powder.
As time passes, chloroform is now made by a photochemical reaction of methane and chlorine.
The compound is described as a clear, colorless, heavy, inflammable,sweet-smelling liquid chemical.
Chloroform is easily dissolves in alcohol,ether,acetone and other organic solvents; though
it insoluble in water. Chloroform could also be produced by iron and acid on carbon
tetrachloride for industrial uses. Chloroform is made through synthesis through chemically. Chlorine passes
through alcohol by boiling and then the chlorination of the methyl group to an aldehyde with the oxidation along with the alcohol group. It forms trichloro-acetaldehyde that added with caustic akali, to form a fission of C-C bonding, resulting to the formation of Chloroform and formate.

Chloroform was first used as an anesthetic when it was first produced during the 1800s'
and was a popular and most used anesthetic. In the present, the usage of chloroform is
mostly used in the industrial sector and in the chemistry laboratory. In the industrial
sector, it is used as a solvent for gums, fats, resins, sulfur and iodine, and other
organic compounds. It also used for purifying and extracting penicillin. Chloroform is
also commonly used as a solvent in the lab because of its nonreactive and reactive with most
organic liquid substances. Its also used by the pharmaceutical industry as a solvent to
produce dyes and pesticides. Also used in as medicine by veterinarians to kill off maggots
from wounds.

Chloroform originally was to be used as anesthetic in the 1800s' when its was discovered.
Chloroform was popular because its smell or vapors depresses the central nervous system
of patients allowing the doctors to performed many painful procedures. Chloroform no longer
being used as an anesthetic by many medical institution and countries due to its being
toxic and lethal to the human body. It causes damages the lungs, kidney, heart, and various
other serious and life-threatening symptom if used for a prolonged amount of times. In 2008, researchers discovered that chloroform contains TRPC5 calcium ions channel that blocks the chemical from the brain.

An interesting fact about chloroform was that the chemical was used by many historic people in the past.
It was used by many chemists, intellectuals and royalty. Chloroform was used as an addiction by some people
due sweet-smelling and anesthetic vapors.