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Kerosene has more than one chemical structure because it contains carbons from 12 carbons to 15 carbons. The molecular formulas can range from C12H26 to C15H32

An example of a kerosene structure:
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The Making of Kerosene

Kerosene is made by refining petroleum oil. Petroleum oil is also known as crude oil. The first step to refining petroleum oil is washing the oil to get rid of salts and inorganic materials. Next, the crude oil goes through fractional distillation. During fractional distillation, crude oil is placed in a distillation tower. The tower is then heated to a very high temperature. Hydrocarbons separate due to the heat because hydrocarbons boil at a different temperature. Kerosene boils from 200° C to 300° C. Fractional distillation creates 5% to 20% or kerosene. Kerosene can also be obtained from coal, wood and shade oil, but kerosene is mainly obtained through refining petroleum oil.

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Kerosene as Poison

Kerosene is poisonous when inhaled or ingested. Some symptoms of being poisoned by kerosene include burning of the skin, irritation of the skin, breathing difficulties, throat swelling, dizziness and drowsiness. It can also cause headaches, loss of balance, euphoria, stomach pains, vomit and vision loss. Being exposed to kerosene may lead to burning in the passage where food flows through and blood traces in feces. Low blood pressure is another symptom of kerosene poisoning, this usually occurs at a rapid pace.

Although kerosene is poisonous, kerosene can be used as a type of medicine called folk medicine. It can be used to cure snakebites and kill lice. Some people use kerosene to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. People living in developing countries have difficulties finding medicine and use kerosene to replace alcohol to treats cuts and burns. It can also be used against athlete’s foot and hemorrhoids.

Other Beneficial Qualities
Kerosene can be a solvent or a fuel. An example of fuel is jet fuel. Kerosene acts a solvent in insecticide spray. Kerosene can also be used for heating homes, this is most popular in Asia. Camping stoves can find use of this hydrocarbon as an alternative fuel. Kerosene can be used to extend the life of gasoline and is able to prevent gasoline from freezing during the winter.

Interesting Facts
Kerosene is known to be paraffin oil in the United Kingdom and stove oil in Canada. Kerosene is a clear liquid that is used in oil lamps. An environmental economist from Washington, D.C. has stated that kerosene can save trees. It saves forests by burning kerosene instead of charcoal. Not only does kerosene save trees but it also creates a healthier environment from those who burn kerosene.