Yasmin Adem
May 26, 2010.


What is cetyl alcohol?
-Cetyl Alcohol/1-hezadecanol/palmity alchol is fatty alcohol with the chemical formula of CH3(CH2)15OH.
-Cetyl Alcohol comes from Coconut oil, emollient and amulsifier.
- saturated higher alcohol.
-cetyl is a high molecular straight chain primary alcohol, and looks like white fakes.
-Cetyl's melting point is between 45 and 49 degrees C, and its boiling point is 334 degrees C. Cetyl is insoluble in water, stable under ordinary conditions and not flammable.

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Where does it come from?
it can be found in both animals and Vegetables.
Wax found in whales or dolphins and from Vegetable cetyl alcohol (e.g., coconut)
Cetyl alcohol was discovered by Michel Eugène Chevreul, a French chemist, in 1813. Chevreul discovered a new substance from heating spermaceti (a wax component in the head of a sperm whale)
with potassium hydroxide. In 1836, two other scientists (Dumas and Perigot) found out that this substance had alcohol qualities. In 1878, Ludwig discovered that cetyl alcohol is also found
in the fat of dermoid cysts.

How does it affect us?
Cetyl ALcohol is found in alot of out every day uses with its ability to sooth skin and prevent moisture loss it is very useful in skin care industry,it is used as emulsifier and emollient.
Cetyl Alcohol can be found in mooisturizer,facial moisturizer/treatment,conditioner,anti-aging,hair color,
hair bleaching,facial cleanser. hand cream,shampoo,lipstic,eye cream. other uses as antioxidant in plastics.as a lubricant additive and fragrance, ink/coatings and water treatments.
intresting facts
The name cetyl derives from the whale oil (Latin: cetus) from which it was first isolated
The 16-carbon alcohol corresponding to palmitic acid, so called because it is isolated from among the hydrolysis products of spermaceti;

How is it harmful?
It increases viscosity of the product. Practically non-toxic, but may cause slight skin irritation in some